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What you eat

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How You Live

Picking up street plastic

Use your doggy poo bags and ALWAYS carry hand sanitiser!

Ever wonder where that plastic in the gutter washes away to?

Refuse plastic straws

Purchase stainless steel ones!

It ain't hard yo, look in your local health food shop

Drive your car less

Use a scooter... or walk!

Public Transport is also a great thing

Install solar panels

It's hard to get this working well in America,

We're lucky in Australia that the govenment sometimes subsidises this. kind of thing.

Sign petitions!

Such as Animals Australia, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, UNHCR, WWF

and many more amazing organisations on the groung in places where we cannot physically be!

Back it with your buck!

If you have the means, why not support an organisation you truly believe in... financially?

We are blessed, no less.

Ban the bag! 

Refuse to accept plasit bags at the checkout... ever!

Find a box, keep your own reusable ones in your handbag or in the car, better still, a shopping trolley!

You are the change maker! 

No one's saying you just have to support things...

Get involved! Do you have an amazing idea and the dedication to see it change the world?

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What you do for fun

E Waste!

"There are Australians who are involved in the illegal shipment of electronic waste"

The cost of technology

The Impact of Flying on the Environment

Up, up and awayyy

TECH STATS for Intellects

How many countries have resolved the growing issue of e waste?

 Shorter flights are more polluting per passenger mile than longer ones

Although batteries are recyclable, 97% end up in landfill every year

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Fashion Frenzied

The fashion industry is the SECOND biggest polluter of waterways

Impacts of laundry fragrances released into the air by dryer machines

We have to decide how we spend our money, and how we care for the clothes we already have… in one cotton t-shirt, 500 grams of pesticides have been used… globally we produce over 1 billion t-shirts…

How to Engage with Ethical Fashion

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Current Petition:

To the Australian Government. 

"Ban Single-Use Plastics in Australia"

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