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Sing Song YOU Lessons! - 20 minutes, 20 dollars 
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Teresa Tate Britten

Act. Sing. Teach. Inspire. Repeat.

Teresa is a trained, registered and accredited DOE Australian teacher, based in Sydney, New South Wales. She studied Music, Teaching and Theatre, finishing her post graduate studies at the University of New South Wales.

Teresa is an actor, artist, presenter and vocalist, performing in independent theatre and mainstream screen from commercial to short film to corporate to  television. 

She has taught music vocationally and in classroom settings and has a passion for art that exceeds the normality of grading or stature. 


As an educator, Teresa believes in promoting play, imagination, project-based learning and technology and prioritises her signature Creative Arts Coaching in this way.

"Touch the future. Teach"



Creative Arts Coaching

These lessons are the ultimate tool if your child is an artist and is Teresa's preferred teaching genre.

Encouraging entrepreneurial ideologies, lessons encourage creativity through a multitude of formats, incorporating Art (painting, charcoal, canvas and e-print), Music (guitar, keyboard, vocals and music technology) and Acting (monologues, dialogue, dramatic style exploration and QLab).

The lessons culminate to a yearly or half yearly exhibition of works, presented to family and friends.

The lessons are project and genre based, meaning that all elements of study (music, drama, art) present cohesively together, conveying meaning. 

Students also learn how to market events, and film segments for presentation either for online mediums, or simply at the exhibition. 

If you want your kids to experience something new and innovative, this is the first place to start. Learning is easier when you enjoy what you do and it's never too early to start the fun!

Have a read of the links below and decide for yourself!

Maximum 3 students per group, 1 hour lessons

Private Coaching (teacher chooses location)

[$80 p/h ]

Small groups 2-3 (teacher chooses location)

[$100 p/h ] 

Please note, larger materials such as canvas or similar elements wishing to be used in exhibition may occur an extra fee, depending on what the student desires in their performance. This is always gaged by student interest and negotiated by all parties.

Vocal Coaching

Singing is more than grades and technicality. It is also about performance and emotion. It's about networking and how much you put into it. It's about heart and soul. You're going to continue learning, if you continue loving it.

You will learn through the exploration of all genres of music. Ensuring lessons are catered to student interest, you are taken through fun and friendly lessons that seek to enable and inspire you, through voice craft and emotion-centered singing methodology.

Lessons are taught with a strong emphasis of music for enjoyment and not music for stature. You will be sure to enjoy the process, reach your set goals and get a taste of music technology.

Performances for family and friends half-yearly.

Teresa's past students have featured on X factor and moved on to work professionally in the music industry. With a background in performing arts, majoring in voice, Teresa's personalised, warm teaching methods help release her students into unique and strengthened performers.

Private Coaching   (teacher chooses location)

[$80 p/h  ]

Small groups 2-4   (teacher chooses location)

[$100 p/h]

Larger Groups 5-8 (client provides location and venue hire)

[$150 p/h]

Drama & Acting Coach


Journey through the moments of monologues and dig deeper into the depths of character and motive. Drama coaching not only helps you to prepare for truthful performances but ignites innovative creativity often lost in the day to day.

Using movement and voice, the dramatic elements are explored and lessons are tailored to your objective, interests, age group and size. 

Students present their work to family and friends at half-yearly performances.

Private Coaching (teacher chooses location)

[$80 p/h ]

Small groups 2-4 (teacher chooses location)

[$100 p/h ]

Larger Groups 5-7 (client provides location and venue hire)

[$150 p/h]

Registered teacher New South Wales.

WWCC provided on enquiry.

Why Creative Arts?

"Complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the 3 most important skills a child needs to thrive... creativity has jumped to 3rd place in 5 years... emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility have entered the skills list for 2020"

Tutor and Student
English Lessons

"Teresa has proved herself to be a real asset to a very busy Performing Arts Faculty... Teresa quickly created interesting and challenging lessons for her classes and tailored the program to meet the needs of her specific students. She has a warm and engaging teaching style and the students respond well to her.  She has forged excellent relationships with students, staff and parents and fully involved herself in school life". 

- Head of Performing Arts,  State High School



"Teresa has been an inspiring member of our staff and continues to lead the way in innovative and invigorating Music tuition, readying Children for a life in the 21st Century"

- Centre for Youth Music

"Teresa has been an extremely important member of staff... she is diligent, reliable, enthusiastic as well as passionate about preparing young people for the music industry" 

- RTO Manager,

State High School

Teresa's teaching ideology is based on Choice Theory and the philosophy of Sir Ken Robinson:
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